Homecoming on Iowa State University’s central is an exciting time of year. Central campus is filled with activity and Cyclone spirit. Homecoming is a week of competition for events such as Blue Sky 5k run, Yell Like Hell and Cardinal and Gold Tournaments. It is a week of community events like the homingcoming parade, community service projects and Greek reunions. It is a week of cheering on the cyclones for events such as the Homecoming Happy Hour and Pep Rally, Iowa State University vs. Oklahoma State Homecoming Cyclone Central Tailgate and ExCYtement in the Streets. All these events are run by Iowa State University’s Homecoming Central Committee.

Iowa State University Cyclone Football will play Oklahoma State University on Saturday, October 26. Festivities for homecoming week will begin on Saturday, October 19 at 9:00 with the Blue Sky 5K Run and ends on Sunday, October 27 with the Bells of Iowa State Anniversary Gala Concert. For more information on homecoming activities, check out the schedule.

Each year, students from all majors are invited to apply for Homecoming Central Committee to make homecoming week something for everyone to remember. The committee members makes sure every homecoming celebration is rich with Iowa State tradition. They plan and execute an exciting week of activities for alumni, students and friends.

The theme this year is “Cy’s the Limit.” Students on Homecoming Central Committee take this theme and incorporate it into all the activities they plan.

“The theme “Cy’s the Limit” for me at least, means that the “Cy’s the Limit” when it comes to the number of ways that you can celebrate Homecoming here at Iowa State. We have so many different traditions and events for each student, faculty or staff member, alumni or community member,” said Mary Kate Misak, manager of student programs.

This year, seven students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences were selected to take part in planning the events. Students learn skills such as event planning, volunteer management, teamwork and a variety of leadership skills while serving on homecoming committee.

CALS Students on Homecoming Central Committee:

  • Heidi Fichter, senior agriculture and life sciences education, Community Service
  • Trey Boyle, junior agricultural business, Cardinal and Gold Tournaments
  • Hunter Crawford, sophomore agricultural business, Special Events
  • Shane Dierickx, senior agricultural business, Campus Involvement
  • Lilian Swanson, junior agricultural business, Cardinal Tournaments
  • Cody Mead, junior agricultural business, Logistics
  • Cole Moody, senior agricultural studies, Displays

Cole Moody, senior in agriculture studies, is in charge of displays. In this position, he coordinates the greek pairings for lawn displays, parade floats and banners that are displayed on Central Campus.

“Homecoming Central requires a tremendous amount of planning, organization, time management, teamwork and commitment. All of these skills will be beneficial in my career,” said Moody.

Heidi Fichter, senior agriculture and life sciences education agrees with Moody. She is in charge of community service. In this role, she is in charge of coordinating the Blue Sky 5k, the Day of Service and works with the ISU Blood Drive.

“I have learned how to work with a wide variety of people. This is my third year on the committee, so I have met and had the privilege to work with so many different people. At some points during Homecoming week things can get stressful, but being on Homecoming Central Committee has taught me how to effectively work with others, even in the midst of stress. These times have helped refine my leadership, communication and teamwork skills, among so many others,” said Fichter.

Students started preparing for homecoming last spring and are excited for it to finally be here. There are many ways for people on campus to get involved. The committee hopes the campus and Ames community will take advantage of some of the new opportunities.

“Students typically add their own personal touch to their committee each year, but since a lot of the events are long running traditions deeply tied with Iowa State and homecoming, most of them stay pretty similar year-to-year,” said Fichter.

This year, Homecoming Central Committee had a goal of getting more involvement from students on campus. This year, the Blue Sky 5k is open to all community members and students. In the past, this has just been for students a part of Greek chapters, but now it is open for everyone to enjoy. There is also a campus wide dorm floor decorating contest that is a new homecoming activity.

Misak is proud proud of the students dedication to carrying on Iowa State University’s homecoming tradition.

“My favorite part of working with the homecoming central committee students is being able to see them come into their positions in November with really lofty goals to make Homecoming bigger and better than ever before, and then put in the hard work to make those dreams a reality,” said Misak.

Go Cyclones!