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Curtiss League Annual Report

Curtiss League, an initiative for young alumni of Iowa State University’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences(CALS) was launched in the spring of 2014. Curtiss League membership includes exclusive news on college events and initiatives. In addition, it allows members to engage in their choice of college and industry recruitment, awareness and advocacy efforts.

Check out the highlights from the 2020 annual report.

Objectives:Screenshot of the CL membership report

  • Engage young alumni in student recruitment and retention
  • Activate young alumni as advocates for the college in their communities, workplaces and with stakeholder groups
  • Deepen alumni understanding of academic opportunities and overall strengths and relevance of the college


  • Assist new students in transition to Iowa State University
  • Increase CALS visibility and that of alumni in their communities
  • Encourage advocacy by alumni for CALS
  • Increase alumni attendance at CALS alumni events
  • Increase alumni awareness of CALS
  • Generate multilayered engagement between college, alumni and current and prospective students

Membership Information:

  • 303 Curtiss League members
  • 210 in-state
  • 90 out-of-state
  • 3 international
  • 24 majors represented

Curtiss League Action Items:

  • 82 percent actively engaged in Curtiss League initiatives: recruitment, awareness, advocacy
  • 21 percent helped with recruitment and retention efforts
  • 76 percent were active in awareness initiatives

2020 Highlights:

  • 243 members actively engaged on social media platforms
  • 39 members assisted with special requests from the college
  • 55 members filled out postcards for prospective students

Past Annual Reports: