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Curtiss League Recruitment Postcard

Share your CALS story and words of encouragement with current and prospective students by using our online form.

At a time of growing enrollment, one of the most powerful things you can do is help our recruits feel a personal connection to the Cyclone family. The form allows us to generate a personalized postcard on your behalf to a prospective student.

Fill out the postcard as many times as you’d like with specified messages to current or prospective students:

  • In a specific major
  • Located within my current geographical location
  • Located near my hometown

The postcard provides you the option to personalize the message with your contact information (if you’d like to share it with the student), and your photo.

Thanks for your service in recruiting the next generation of  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences students.

Contact Andy Zehr or Marcie Fahn with further questions on student recruitment.